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Dealing with motorcycle defects: what you need to know

As a motorcycle rider, you know that defective parts are common and can cause an accident. What can you do to protect yourself against this? And if an accident does occur, what legal claims can you bring to get compensation for injuries caused by defects or faulty service?

Parents killed in car accident while going to see injured son

A teen from Missouri was seriously hurt in a car accident and had to be put into a medically-induced coma. He'd been in a head-on collision. The coma did not last for long, but, when he was pulled out of it after the weekend, he got some devastating news: His parents had also been involved in a head-on crash, and it happened while they were driving to the hospital to visit him, after getting the news of his accident. Both of them passed away in the wreck.

10 worst toys of 2016 announced

Since January of 2015 there have been at least 19 toy models involving 800,000 units recalled in the U.S. because of safety issues. Now recently announced its "10 Worst Toys of 2016." The list offers toys whose dangers range from suffocation to eye injury to strangulation.

Things tow truck drivers found in the cabs of wrecked cars

    Thumbnail image for brake pedal3.JPG
  • One Holy Bible, New King James Version
  • A squashed McDonalds 12-ounce coffee cup
  • One CVS toothbrush, medium stiff
  • The sports section of the Sunday Star, opened to predictions of that night's Chiefs/Raiders game
  • A stick of Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation Blender
  • A 750 ml bottle of Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey, half-full
  • One 2015 Missouri DOR Handbook
  • #10 envelope containing registration and proof of insurance
  • School textbook, "Daily Phonics, Grades 4-6," Evan-Moor Educational Publishers
  • One dashboard doll, hula girl with ukulele

The message to you

We all live busy lives, and we are trying to do too many things while we drive. As the holiday season progresses, we urge you to focus on the road, and protect the ones you love.

Car accidents cause 14.3 percent of traumatic brain injuries

Traumatic brain injuries, which often have life-altering ramifications, are linked to car accidents in a full 14.3 percent of all cases. This information comes from the Brain Injury Society and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which list car accidents as the second leading cause of these serious injuries. Falls are the only thing that cause more traumatic brain injuries annually.

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