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Distracted driving raises all kinds of major concerns

Among the big concerns a person may have when out on the roads is that they could be endangered by the conduct of other drivers. In an ideal world, all drivers would behave responsibly behind the wheel. Unfortunately, the world we live in is one in which quite a few drivers act dangerously.

Seeking help after a traumatic brain injury

Traumatic brain injuries can happen to anyone with any kind of head or neck injury. A car accident, work-related accident, sports activities, falls, or even a physical assault can cause swelling, bleeding, bruising or tearing in the brain. A baby can suffer traumatic brain injury during birth or from being shaken. A head injury leading to traumatic brain injury may be open, involving a fracture of the skull, or be closed, with no fracture but a serious possibility of dangerous swelling or blood clots in the brain.

How to prevent motorcycle crashes and injuries

A person riding a motorcycle is far more prone to death or injury during a traffic accident than someone driving an automobile. A driver or passenger in a car is protected by the bulk of the vehicle as well as by safety features such as the seat belt and the airbag. The motorcycle rider, on the other hand, has to rely on proper clothing, a well-designed helmet, eye protection and his or her skill. The motorcycle does, however, has a certain amount of agility and maneuverability that can be useful in avoiding a crash.

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