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Who's to blame in self-driving car fatal accident?

If you are of a certain age you probably remember how the world of the future was envisioned to be one where technology would rule. Look at the newsreels and magazines of the past and you will see an array of big ideas on display. Among them was the notion of self-driving cars; vehicles that don't require the driver to keep hands on the steering wheel because electronics do all the work. Computers would not only relieve humans of driving drudgery, they would prevent deadly car crashes.

Kansas City's interstates see numerous single car accidents

A certain percentage of the crashes that occur on the interstates that run through Kansas City only involve one vehicle. These car accidents can sometimes cause investigators issues since the occupants of the vehicle might not be able to provide statements regarding the factors that led to them for some time, if at all. Therefore, the families of the victims might not know what really happened to their loved ones until officials are able to determine exactly what happened.

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Attorney Ben Schmitt

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