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Trucker charged with drugged driving after striking, killing 2

Two motorists were killed during the early morning of Thursday, July 27, after a 65-year-old trucker crashed into their vehicles in a tragic three-car accident. The truck driver was taken into custody soon thereafter by state police on suspicion of having been driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs at the time.

Commercial truckers put Missouri motorists at risk

Behaviors that are obviously dangerous for cars and SUVs are even worse for commercial trucks. The sheer size of a semi-truck amplifies common hazards, such as stop-and-go traffic, poor weather conditions, objects in the roads and other adverse conditions.

3 reasons why truck drivers cause accidents

It's true that a lot of truck accidents are caused by other drivers, at least in part. They may tailgate trucks, cut them off, drive in the no zones, not give them space to turn, and make other mistakes. However, even though truck drivers are professionals who drive for a living, it's only fair to point out that they also cause some of these potentially deadly accidents. Below are three reasons that they may do so:

Truckers face fines for texting behind the wheel

Texting while driving is a common form of distraction, something that lawmakers and police have been trying to put a stop to in many ways. When a driver isn't watching the road, he or she can quickly cause a deadly accident. This is bad enough with 3,000-pound passenger vehicles, but it's especially dangerous with semi trucks.

FMCSA makes safety recommendations to truckers on the Galaxy Note7

All kinds of things can impact the likelihood of a truck getting into an accident. One are what sorts of objects are aboard the truck. This not only includes what kind of cargo a truck is carrying, but what objects a trucker brings with them into the truck. When such objects contain defects which could cause fires or other harmful incidents, there could be a risk that the object could open the door to a crash through disrupting the truck or its driver.

Impactful things can happen quickly following a truck accident

Truck accidents are quick events that can have severe and long-lasting consequences for their victims. Just as it doesn’t take long for a truck accident to occur, it doesn’t take long after a truck accident for things to happen that can have significant implications regarding a victim’s legal and overall situation when it comes to pursuing fair compensation.

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