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How to recognize and avoid aggressive drivers

Aggressive drivers can make the road an unpleasant and highly dangerous place for everyone else. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, aggressive drivers cause over half of the nation's traffic fatalities. Knowing how to handle potentially volatile situations with motorists who may be upset or angry can decrease the chance of a serious accident.

How drivers should avoid the distraction of grooming and driving

Grooming while you drive is a temptation. You hit snooze too many times, and you think you're going to be late for work. However, you still want to look your best. Why not save some time by shaving or putting on lipstick while you drive? Look around a bit during your next morning commute and you'll see a lot of drivers doing just that.

Overconfidence and car accidents

A large majority of the people on the road believe themselves to be above average drivers. A psychological phenomenon known as illusory superiority leads people to believe that they are better at a skill than they really are. This is particularly true in the case of a complex action like safe driving. There are as many definitions of good driving as there are drivers on the road. People who speed can simply argue that obeying the speed limit is unimportant for good driving and move on, confident in their belief that they are great drivers.

Crossing a deadly threshold for car accidents

In 1963, the United States saw more than 40,000 people killed in motor vehicle accidents. Unsurprisingly, Americans traveled more miles by car that year than any year before, more than 805 billion miles. Total car accident fatalities only fell below the 40,000 mark once between 1963 and 2007. Then, starting in 2008, the U.S. began an unprecedented run of eight years with fewer than 40,000 fatalities. That is despite Americans driving more 2,950 billion miles in each of those years. Unfortunately, the run of lower fatalities has ended. In 2016, deaths on U.S. roads once again rose over the 40,000 mark, according to the National Safety Council.

Who is liable if you're hit by a driver on a test drive?

You're just driving across town, running errands, when another driver runs a stop sign and hits the front corner of your car. You get rushed to the hospital and don't see the aftermath of the crash for long, but you later find out that driver wasn't even in his or her own vehicle. The driver was on a test drive, in a car owned by a local dealership. Who's liable?

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